What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and Discover payments!

What is the Asian size? How do I know my product is right for me?

Since our products are authentic, we import from Japan and China. In these countries, they are a bit smaller than those in the United States. We've included a size chart on every product page to help you order the right size!

After placing an order, can I change the color or size of the order? How soon can I change my order?

If your item has not been shipped/has not passed our 24 hour cancellation/change policy, we will definitely do our best to change your color or size. We cannot change the size or color of an item you ordered if the item has already been shipped or is in post-processing.

How long will shipping take?

Due to our recent bulk orders, shipping may take 5-15 business days. We care about the production and order of every product. To ensure that every product is manufactured correctly and every order is processed and shipped without errors, we try not to rush things. We are working hard to expand our company and reduce shipping time to keep our customers happy!

How can I track the status of my order?

Currently, we have no tracking information publicly available to our customers; however, if you contact us via email, we will be more than happy to notify you of the status of your order!

Do you have a phone number that I can call?

We don't currently have a phone number for customer support, but we can be easily reached via our email.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! We proudly offer Free Shipping Worldwide! However, global shipping does take longer due to customs and long journeys. Shipping times vary by country!

I received one of my products, but not all.

Your products may be shipped in different shipping batches or from different warehouses. This often happens if your order contains a more popular product. Don't worry, everything you ordered will be sent to you.

A representative told me to return a return address, which address should I return to?

Please contact our email customer service and he will provide you with the correct return address.